Commercial Foundation Repair

Weak soil, poor construction, change of use and age can all cause foundation damage. Bowing foundation walls, sinking concrete, and a settling foundation mean that your foundation needs professional foundation repair services.

CNT Foundations has effective foundation repair services designed for the strain commercial properties produce. Our experts can determine the cause of your foundation problems and install the right solution that supports your building, getting you back to business.

Commercial Foundation Repair

Causes of Foundation Issues

Weak soil that shifts and heaves can put too much pressure on your foundation or not provide enough support to allow your foundation to remain level. These kinds of foundation issues can be resolved with a deep foundation system that can lift your foundation back to level while finding support from firm soil or bedrock that is found below the weaker soil.

Technicians working beneath a structure to level the foundation

Signs Of A Failing Foundation

As foundations age and changes to buildings are made, foundations begin to fail from shifting pressures from above and below

  • Tilting and Uneven Floors - A crack in your concrete floor is a good indicator that your commercial property has a failing foundation. If it feels like your floors are uneven, call CNT Foundations for an estimate to determine if concrete leveling  is right for your property.
  • Warping - bowing, warped and cracked walls are indicators of foundation issues. As a foundation sinks and becomes unstable, your building tries to relieve the pressure and stress which results in cracks and warped walls.

Reliable Foundation Repair

CNT Foundations will address all of your foundation concerns. Our expert crew can fix your foundation and concrete, making your commercial property safer and soundly supported with a reliable foundation solution.

CNT Foundations offers several commercial concrete and foundation services. To learn more, call your #1 choice in South Carolina for foundation & crawl space repair in Greenville at 864-239-8024.