If your foundation is failing in Greenville, foundation underpinning can expand your foundation depth and strengthen your weak foundation. Foundation underpinning works with your structure to make it strong enough to support new or existing buildings. You can trust CNT Foundation to provide superior foundation underpinning services. Call 864-239-8024 today for your free, no-commitment assessment. We should talk about how underpinning can help secure your foundation:

What is underpinning?

Foundation underpinning is the process of supporting your home by installing helical piers through the weak soil under your foundation into the strong, untouched soil. This technique for foundation repair addresses problems caused by expansive soil or too much moisture in the dirt by moving the weight of your home off of weak soil using helical piers or slab piers to find stable soil that will be able to support your house.

How will underpinning help my foundation?

Underpinning strategies help your foundation when your foundation begins settling because of weak soil. Some underpinning techniques include balancing out your foundation by emptying concrete into excavated areas underneath your foundation, but the more typical strategies include installing helical or slab piers that reach deep into the earth. These techniques provide minimal disruption with the goal that you can stick to your regular schedule while our team installs the piers.

CNT Foundations is your neighborhood foundation repair contractor in Greenville. We offer many different options for foundation repair solutions that will stabilize your foundation so that you can feel sheltered and secure. Regardless of whether you require helical piers or slab piers, our underpinning strategies will lift your sinking foundation back to its original state. Call 864-239-8024 today for a free assessment and meet with our professional team. We will support your foundation so that it can continue to securely support you and your family.