Grade Beams

Grade beams are made of reinforced concrete and are used in conjunction with pile caps when the load-bearing capabilities of the surface soil are less than optimal. As a type of footer, grade beams are generally used on steep slopes, weak soil, expanding soil and other situations where a deep foundation system is needed. Grade beams can rest directly on the soil or on piles (link to ‘helical piles’) that are used as a deep foundation solution for weak soils. CNT Foundations can install a grade beam footing that makes it possible to distribute the weight of your commercial structure, even if it is built on weak or shifting soil.

Footings and Foundations

Often thought of as the foundation to foundations, footings (link to ‘footings’) support foundations so it is possible to achieve an even and supported structure in any soil condition. Grade beams are a reinforced concrete footing designed to be fairly flexible, making them better suited for properties that are on weaker soils and are prone to expanding and shifting. It is also possible to use grade beams and spread footings, another kind of concrete footing, which can be used together when lateral load capacity is a concern.

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