PolyLift is a relatively new technology for concrete leveling but is growing in popularity because it cures quickly and is waterproof. Concrete slabs become uneven when the soil supporting the slab has eroded or compacted, creating a void that causes the slab to tilt and sink. Ground water or weak soil are usually the cause for soil erosion. Hiring our Greenville concrete crack repair experts will help get your home back into tip-top shape.

Process and Benefits of PolyLift

The process of our Greenville PolyLift leveling services is similar to mudjacking, but instead of a concrete slurry, a polyurethane foam is injected into the void, slowly lifting the slab until it is even again. Where mudjacking can take up to two weeks to cure, PolyLift can be used within 15-20 minutes after application and is waterproof. Concrete slabs can shift and sink with the erosion of the soil with which it is being supported. This shifting and sinking cause the concrete to become uneven. An inspection from one of the CNT Foundations’ experts can let you know if your concrete slab can be leveled with PolyLift.

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Correcting Uneven Concrete

Leveling concrete can be a cosmetic and practical improvement to your property. Uneven concrete will create cracks in the slab; it also creates a tripping hazard. Call the Greenville concrete crack repair professionals with CNT Foundations for effective leveling services that keep your pool decks, walkways, patios and garage floors level and safe.

The purpose of concrete leveling is to bring the slab back to level, without having to replace the entire slab. The benefit of concrete leveling is that you are working with the existing slab, meaning that you do not end up with two-toned concrete and do not have to pay for an entirely new slab. With our Charleston PolyLift leveling services, your concrete can look brand new without breaking the bank.

CNT Foundations does so much more than foundations. We specialize in deep foundation solutions and multiple concrete services. Our crew of Greenville concrete crack repair experts provide residential and commercial concrete solutions for our clients. For effective concrete repair and concrete leveling services, contact CNT Foundations in Greenville at 864-239-8024.