Concrete Masonry Units for Foundation Support

When your foundation is sinking or settling, there are many different repair options available in Greenville. Concrete masonry units, or CMUs, are one great way to offer structural support that is both sturdy and cost-effective. These are extremely versatile and environmentally friendly, and can be used in a wide variety of applications. Because of their distinct advantages, CMUs are some of the best tools for addressing foundation settling in the Greenville area.

Here at CNT Foundations, we always use the most effective tools and techniques for the job, whether it’s to raise a home’s structure, level a pool deck, or repair a stairwell. CMUs, also known as architectural blocks, are cement blocks that come in many shapes and sizes, offering support underneath or around your property.

Benefits of Installing CMU's

Even in the face of modern polymer materials, nothing can quite replace classic concrete. CMUs are favored for their durability and versatility, and are fire resistant and low-maintenance, too. When approaching a foundation repair job in Greenville, our crew of block wall contractors often look to CMUs for a reliable, long-lasting fix. These cement blocks are stacked into columns, and are used to build walls or support foundational structures. Many home foundations are built upon concrete footings with rebar reinforcement, which are stacked with concrete blocks to create piers. These piers are then filled with grout to create a CMU.

CMU Wall

Why CNT Foundations Uses CMU's

CNT Foundations is committed to always finding the most effective, affordable options for foundation and crawl space repair. As Greenville area block wall and foundation repair contractors, we use CMUs in areas where the framing has begun to crumble or bow, giving structural support without the hassle of other methods.

If you have noticed signs of potential foundation damage, such as cracking, sinking, or tilting of your concrete, give us a call. We’re here to offer the best foundation repair solutions in Greenville! Reach out at 864-239-8024 for your free inspection.