Moisture Barriers for Your Crawl Space

Moisture in your crawl space can cause issues like mold, mildew, wood rot, and other health and structure hazards. Protect your home by installing a moisture barrier to keep your crawl space clean and dry. CNT Foundations is proud to provide moisture barrier installation that will keep pests, mold, and bad smells out of your home thanks to having a dry, secure crawl space. Call 864-239-8024 today for a free estimate on our Greenville crawl space moisture barrier installation services.

Moisture Barrier
Moisture Changes Can Damage Your Foundation

Why You Need a Moisture Barrier

Numerous homeowners fear going into their crawl space as it's filthy, wet, loaded with junk from construction, and can be home to bugs. These things can all have an extremely negative affect on your home. Our Greenville crawl space moisture barrier installation services help to keep out water so your crawl space is dry and free from intrusions. Installing a moisture barrier will:

  • Help your crawl space remain dry
  • Keep moisture from attacking your home
  • Shield your wooden crawl space supports from wood rot
  • Keep out bugs that that like humid spaces
  • Minimize flood damage to your crawl space


A moisture barrier, also referred to as a vapor barrier, stops water from traveling through the soil and into your crawl space. In addition to stopping the moisture, the moisture barrier encourages drainage into the soil so it isn’t trapping a layer of water below your crawl space. If your crawl space already has water in it, a sump pump can be used to remove the water and dry the space out for the moisture barrier to be installed.

CNT Foundations is the main foundation repair contractor in South Carolina that offers lifetime protection for your crawl space. Call our team today at 864-239-8024 for a free assessment on installing a moisture barrier in your crawl space. Our Greenville crawl space moisture barrier installation services are designed to shield your home from the damage caused by water in your crawl space.