Is It Time to Replace the Girder in My Crawl Space

A girder is the primary horizontal support of a structure that supports the beams around it. The support can withstand the load of the floor joists and transfer your home’s weight between piers. Without the girder’s support, your home can start to encounter a wide range of issues like sagging floors and wall cracks.

remove and replace girder
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Why Would My Girder Need to Be Replaced

A girder can be damaged over time and should be repaired or replaced before the foundation of your house is negatively affected. Here are a few issues that can damage your support.

Wood Rot: Most beams are produced using wood. In high humidity areas like Greenville, the damp air will rot your wooden girder. As the wood falls apart, you'll see uneven, sagging floors in your home.

Improper Framing: An improperly framed foundation usually has a lot of beams that were overspanned, which means they are too far separated to provide good support. Your girder will bend under your home’s weight. CNT Foundations will fix this issue with a new center beam and crawl space supports to help lift your foundation.

Termites: These pests will eat into your girder and rot it all the way through. If you presume that termites are behind your foundation issues, call an exterminator today. CNT Foundations will work with you once the pests are gone to remove and replace the damaged girder.

If you see that your girder is harmed inside your crawl space, it might be time to repair or replace your center beam. Trust the contractors at CNT Foundations in Greenville to come up with the best answer for your home. 864-239-8024