Crawl Space Structural Repairs

A home is secure and steady as long as the foundation it's based on stays strong. Your crawl space is a key piece of your foundation since it supports the load of your home through the girders, support columns, and foundation walls. CNT Foundations has solutions to remedy any damage in your crawl space. Call 864-239-8024 to speak to our team of professionals in Greenville about the best options for crawl space repair.

Structural Repairs
A foundation being held up

What causes crawl space structural damage?

Structural problems in your crawl space can happen if there is:

  • Rot and mold caused by high humidity or over the excessive water damage
  • Foundation settlement caused by poor construction and expansive soil
  • Pests that tunnel into your crawl space's wooden beams since they look for dark, damp spaces
  • Little to no support because of overspanned beams and girders

CNT Foundations offers many options for crawl space repair. Our contractors can install crawl space support piers, remove and replace rotten girders, and install concrete masonry units (CMUs). Call 864-239-8024 in Greenville today for a free discussion about any of our foundation repair solutions. CNT Foundations' staff is committed to giving you the solutions you need to keep your home safe for a long time.