Foundation Settlement and Sinking

A settling or sinking foundation can cause numerous foundation issues like sticking windows and doors, breaking walls or uneven floors. As the dirt underneath your home in Greenville changes and loses the capacity to endure the weight of your foundation, it makes your foundation settle and sink.

Give our specialists at CNT Foundations a chance to come to your home and examine your foundation. Our experts will give a free, no-commitment assessment to repair your sinking foundation. We are pleased to serve families in Greenville and help take care of their foundation issues.

What is making your foundation settle and sink? There could be a few causes:

Soil Conditions

Foundation settlement is a common national issue. Your foundation’s stability depends upon what kind of soil your house is based on and how well the soil reacts to water. If your house is based on sandy soil, the water will pass through and your foundation will stay stable. If your house is built on expansive soil, the ground underneath your foundation will expand and cause foundation settlement. Other soil issues can also make your foundation sink:

  • Poorly compacted soil or a weak bearing that can't endure the weight of your home
  • Changes in soil moisture that weakens the dirt and cause the dirt to shrink
  • Soil consolidation that occurs when your home presses down on soil and makes the foundation sink
  • Trees or hedges sucking water from the dirt and causing erosion

Foundation settlement isn't always apparent. There are unmistakable signs to search for in the event that you think your foundation is sinking.

Foundation Settlement Signs

How might you tell if your foundation is sinking if it's underground? Look out for some reasonable signs:

Fixing a settling foundation.

There are many options for foundation repair if you see it has been sinking. There is an assortment of options to fix the issues caused by foundation settlement. However, the foundation itself will require an expert assessment to find the best solution.

If you suspect foundation settlement around your house, CNT Foundations can help. We have foundation repair solutions for every home. Call our foundation experts at 864-239-8024 today to schedule a free estimate.