Sticking Windows and Doors

In the event that you find that your doors and windows are sticking in Greenville, it could be an indication of foundation issues. Sticking windows and doors are a little warning sign that you should contact an expert to assess your foundation for issues.

The foundation repair contractors at CNT Foundations will investigate your individual situation and give a no-commitment, free assessment. We gladly offer solutions for sticking doors and windows that have lasting benefits for your home. Our goal is to ensure your home stays strong for years to come.

Not clear on why you have sticking doors and windows? There could be a couple of reasons.

Sticking Windows and Doors
Cracks around a window and a stairstep crack from the bottom of the window

High Humidity

Because you live in Greenville, you realize that South Carolina summers can be hot, sticky, and humid. High humidity makes wood swell and warp, which can make your windows and doors stick. There's another reason.

Your foundation is settling.

Excessive water in the dirt makes your home's foundation move and settle. Settlement can likewise happen if your home is based on expansive soil or if there is insufficient drainage enabling water to soak into the ground, shifting the dirt and moving your home. Foundation settlement is serious and can cause numerous issues inside your home, for example, a door not fitting in its frame or a stuck window.

What should I do if my windows and doors are stuck?

Some sticking doors and windows can be fixed by simply replacing the fixture. Be that as it may, contact our foundation repair contractors in Greenville for a free discussion before you attempt a quick fix. In the event that your sticking doors and windows are caused by foundation issues, it's best to repair the foundation immediately. CNT Foundations in Greenville is prepared to repair your sticking doors and windows! Call 864-239-8024 today to plan a meeting with our foundation contractors. We can find a long-lasting solution for your home – no matter what it takes.

A stairstep crack forming at the top of the window to the roof