My Chimney Is Tilting

A tilting chimney is significantly more than something that draws attention from the general appearance on the outside of your home. It is normally an indication of a more genuine foundation issue. If you have a tilting chimney in Greenville, the team at CNT Foundations is here to help. Our accomplished surveyors will explore the reason for the tilt and give you the best alternatives for repair. Call 864-239-8024 now to plan your free assessment.

Need to find out what could be making your chimney tilt? Let’s start.

What causes a tilting chimney?

Despite the fact that your chimney is connected to your home, it picks up its security from a chimney pad which is a foundation manufactured particularly to manage the heaviness of a chimney. This chimney pad is a concrete footing and if that footing sinks or heaves, it can cause detachment from your home and cause observable tilting.

What's off with the chimney pad?

One conceivable issue with the chimney pad is that it's too small to support the heaviness of your chimney.

Be that as it may, a more typical issue in Greenville is related to the foundation beneath your chimney pad. Expansive soils that change when there are shifts in the amount of water (heavy precipitation or dry season) can make the concrete footing heave or sink.

Different causes may include:

  • Low-quality concrete which breaks down after time
  • Shallow footing that is effortlessly influenced by repeated freeze/thaw cycles
  • Improper use of rebar in the footing
Tilting Chimney
A chimney that appears to be leaning away from the foundation

What can you do about a tilting chimney?

Normally a tilting chimney in Greenville can be effectively fixed by balancing out the area underneath the concrete footing. Helical piers are generally screwed into the ground underneath the chimney pad and provide support that enables us to revise a tilting chimney without destroying it and with minimal interruption to the yard.

At CNT Foundations, we will repair your tilting chimney regardless of what it takes so you can return to making memories around the fireplace in your home now and for years to come. Call today at 864-239-8024 to plan a free estimate with one of our foundation repair contractors.